The Sound of the Pipes

Many well-known composers have written for the pipes: R. Vaughan Williams, Imogen Holst, W. S. Lloyd Webber, Michael Head, Elizabeth Poston, Claude Arrieu and others. Works have been commissioned from Geoffrey Winters, Alan Bush, Edwin Roxburgh, Curdin Janett and Betty Roe. Much music from the past (Bach, Purcell, Mozart, etc.) has been very successfully arranged. Early music, i.e. medieval and renaissance music, sounds particularly well on pipes.

At various times in the past, Guild members have made recordings. Some of these have been converted into mp3 format; a selection of tracks are available in the right sidebar.

File size
Allegretto – Margaret James (1891 – 1978) 1’13 1.2 mB
Lord Willoughby, trad. 1’10 1.2 mB
Lament: Niobe’s Tears from Suite for Pipes – Edwin Roxburgh 2’04 1.9 mB
Chase from Suite for Pipes – Edwin Roxburgh 1’27 1.4 mB
Prelude from Music for Pipes – Lloyd Webber 1’32 1.5 mB
Negro Spiritual from Suite for Pipes – Michael Head 2’24 2.3 mB
Folksong from Suite for Pipes – Michael Head 2’40 2.5 mB
Intrada from Suite for Pipes – R. Vaughan Williams 3’20 3.2 mB
Finale – Jig from Suite for Pipes – R. Vaughan Williams 1’58 1.9 mB
Suite en Trio – Claude Arrieu 4’01 3.9 mB